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Created by Tommy Chung 1999, Maintained by Peter Ng 2000

Brooklyn Technical H.S.      29  Fort Greene Place    Brooklyn, New York 11217  

Dr. Lee D. McCaskill, Principal

Proposed Field Trip Schedule, Environmental Science and Engineering, Spring 2000

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Updated 2/24/00

Date: Classes: Destination: Rationale: Impact on Programs
3/13 SC8E (JUNIORS) Union St. Bridge Field Testing 2 Periods
4/6 SC8E Owl's Head WWTP or

Red Hook WWTP

Study Unit Processes 4 Periods
5/25 SC8E Van Cortlandt NYC Water Supply 4 Periods
Tentative SC8E Chamber 3rd Water Tunnel ???
May/June SC8E BTHS Vicinity Air Quality No Impact
Ongoing SC8E Ft. Greene Park Research Study No Impact
3/13 SP8E (SENIORS) Transit Museum Define how construction of Subway affect growth of NYC 2 Periods
4/2 SP8E Browning Ferris Recycling Center Assess how proposed solid waste facilities effect neighborhoods 2 Periods
4/13 or 4/14 SP8E Am. Museum of Natural History Conference on Urban Sprawl and Biodiversity All Day
5/1 SP8E Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve Assess effect of open space on urban environment 4 Periods
5/21 SP8E Kingsborough CC Marine Ecosystem Lab on R/V CUNY 4 Periods
Ongoing SP8E BTHS Vicinity Urban Plannig Investigations and Mapping of Ft. Greene Pk. No Impact
Ongoing   Various Envirothon Training No Impact
4/14   Alley Pond Environmental Center Competition All Day

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