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Created by Tommy Chung 1999, Maintained by Peter Ng 2000

Brooklyn Technical H.S.      29  Fort Greene Place    Brooklyn, New York 11217  

Dr. Lee D. McCaskill, Principal

A general description of the Environmental Science course at Brooklyn Technical High School

Environmental Science and Engineering

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A course description for prospective Environmental Science students at Tech

Pre or Co-requisites: On track in Science

Selection Criteria: Review of overall average, attendance and permanent records. Passing grade on all Science Regents taken.

TN00605A.gif (2512 bytes)The Environmental Science and Engineering major is an interdisciplinary course dealing with topics in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Facilities Planning, City Planning, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Government, and Political Science.

Environmental Engineering I and II given in the 11th year comprise the core cirricula for the AP Environmental Science exam givn in May of that year. In addition, we will study state of the art pollution treatment and prevention methods. This course will be enhanced by weekly laboratory activities, guest speakers, and appropriate field trips. Many lab activities will be done off site.

NA01596A.gif (2716 bytes)In the Senior year, Energy and the Environment, Fall term, will address how energy use and misuse affects the Environment. World wide energy usage trends shall be investigated. The class will use advanced thermodynamic principles to analyze the energy consumption of motor vehicles, power generation, and other energy applications in order that we may define how energy usage may be lessened. Alternative energy sources will be evaluated. City Planning in the spring term will concentrate on City Planning, Environmental Planning, and Public Policy. Independent college level study will be expected culminating in a senior project.

Note: All students must take the Advance Placement examination in Environmental Science plus another AP science course of the student's choice to satisfy the Tech diploma requirement

Note 2: Current plans envision the creation of additional laboratory facilities for this major.

Junior year course: Environmental Engineering, (2 terms), plus AP Environmental Science Exam

Senior Year Courses: Energy and the Environment, 1 Term; and City Planning, 1 Term; plus AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Physics.

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This website, created in part as a senior project of the BTHS Environmental Science cirriculum, has been brought to you by Tommy Chung  - Class of 1999