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Created by Tommy Chung 1999, Maintained by Peter Ng 2000

Brooklyn Technical H.S.      29  Fort Greene Place    Brooklyn, New York 11217  

Dr. Lee D. McCaskill, Principal

An early congratulation to the BTHS Senior Class of 2000!!!!
Brooklyn Tech has recently been recognized by the United States Department of Education as a New American High School! Cited in an issue of the "U.S. News and World Report" as the fifth largest high school in the United States with a student population of 4700. Brooklyn Tech graduates each year the largest class in the New York City public high school system. We are a specialized high school. Student applicants from all five boroughs of New York City are admitted after having passed an entrance examination that measures their ability to confront the high standards of a rigorous curriculum in engineering, science, computers, technology and the humanities.
In its seventy-five year history, Brooklyn Tech boasts among its graduates Nobel Prize laureates, corporate executives, city and state elected officials, university recognized scientists, engineers, architects and educators, as well as noted leaders in business, finance, industry, publishing and the arts.

Brooklyn Technical High School - Student Stats

-Gender: 45% female 55% male
-Ethnicity: 32% Asian, 33% African-American, 17% Latino, 18% White
-Mean SAT verbal: 555
-Mean SAT math: 589
-Mean SAT combined: 1144
-98% of graduating class go on to 4-year colleges

About the Environmental Science Major

In the Environmental Science major, students are made aware of environmental problems that exists in today's world. Students are encouraged to find new and creative solutions to problems society faces today. Students who have genuine interest in tyhe environment are encouraged to apply. This major is intended to provide its students with a broad foundation in this particular field and to prepare students for a continuing education in such areas as environmental engineering, city planning, and public policy. In addition, students in the Environmental Science major are offered the chance to earn college credits by performing well in such classes as AP Biology. Courses that students of this major also are offered are Chemistry, and Environmental & Mechanical Engineering. Aside from such structured class lectures, students also participate in research field trips, which helps students to broaden their experience and perspective of the world.

Majors offered at Tech includes:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Bio-medical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Gateway to Medicine
  • Industrial Design
  • Math Science Institute
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Media Communications Technology
  • Social Science Research
  • Technology And Liberal Arts
Advanced Placement exams are administered in English Literature and Composition, European History, American History, Physics B and C, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology, Calculus AB and BC, Computer Science A and AB, Government United States and Comparative and Economics Micro and Macro.

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Some Notable Tech Graduates are:

George Wald '23 Nobel Laureate
Marvin Kitman '47 TV Critic
Irwin Shaprio '47 Dir. /Harvard /Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Dr. Frank Cipriani '51 Pres., SUNY at Farmingdale
Gordon Davidson '51 Dir. Mark Tapir Forum
Arno Penzias '51 Nobel Laureate
Karol Bobko '55 Astronaut
Theodore Spar '57 VP, Brooklyn Union
David Groh '58 TV Actor
Leonard Riggio '59 Pres., Barnes & Noble
Gary Ackerman '60 U.S. Congressman
Richard La Motta '60 Chipwich
Bernard Gifford '61 VP Education - Apple Computer
Charles Wang '62 Computer Assoc
Lou Ferriagno '69 Mr. Hulk
Russ Salzberg '69 Sports Anchor - Channel 9
Kim Coles '80 Comedienne
Antony Weiner '81 NYC Council member
Wei-Jung Zhu '86 Westinghouse #1 Winner


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Enviro Kronicles- A Bklyn Tech Environmental Major Magazine

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75 years of  academic excellence

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Created by Tommy Chung - Environmental Science Major - Class of 1999

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This website, created in part as a senior project of the BTHS Environmental Science cirriculum, has been brought to you by Tommy Chung  - Class of 1999