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Created by Tommy Chung 1999, Maintained by Peter Ng 2000

Brooklyn Technical H.S.      29  Fort Greene Place    Brooklyn, New York 11217  

Dr. Lee D. McCaskill, Principal

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Words from the coordinator

"The Environmental Science and Engineering major is the only true interdisciplinary course given at Tech. It faces issues in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Facilities Planning, City Planning, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Government, and Political Science. In other words, it deals with every issue you are likely to face in the 21st Century. The Environmental Science and Engineering Major strives to make the learning to be as authentic as possible by conducting 10 or more field investigations a year. Let's face it, you can learn more about your world by being out in the world than you can by sitting in a classroom. Our teachers often learn as much from our students as our students learn from our teachers. We think that high school students should have as broad an educational experience as possible. We invite you to come learn with us." - William Aghassi - Environmental Science Coordinator

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This website, created in part as a senior project of the BTHS Environmental Science cirriculum, has been brought to you by Tommy Chung  - Class of 1999